Fan Fold | endless creaser stacker

Why the FanFold endless creaser stacker?

FanFold products are becoming more and more popular in the corrugated industry, as they add automation and flexibility to the packing stages of many industrial products, such as furniture, steel profiles, shower boxes and much more.


What are Engico's FanFold features?

  • Available in both Semi-Automatic and Fully-Automatic versions;
  • Production speeds up to 180 m/min;
  • Max working width up to 2,8 m up to 6 outs;
  • Max corrugated thickness up to 7 mm and 1000 gsm
  • Possibility to combine the production of FanFold with the production of sheets;
  • Nonstop cut and stack separation executed at full production speed;
  • Maximum stack sizes: width 2,8 m - length 1,15 m - height 2,4 m


Why choosing a Engico FanFold?

Following the Engico philosophy "Innovators not Imitators", Engico strives hard to make the difference for its customers, and also its fully automated FanFold contains some unique features and patents:

  • Pioneers: world's first full automated FanFold was patented, manufactured and installed by Engico in 1998;
  • Minimal amount of space: Engico FanFold requires less space than most competitor machines inside the corrugated plant: only 4-5 meters occupied after the end of the last down stacker of the corrugator;
  • Steady creasing and folding operation, being both carried-out by the same machine module. Allows perfect panels folding and stacking;
  • Sturdy construction: our FanFold is designed and build to stand heavy duty cycles and operate H24 7/7;
  • At Engico we use only first class components. All Engico products are equipped with best-in-class components such as Siemens, INA and Alpha Wittenstein components;
  • Ease-of-use and low maintenance: as any other Engico product, FanFold is designed according to the highest ease-of-use, as well as a dramatically reduced (next to zero) maintenance;
  • More choice: different versions of FanFold are available according to degree of automation and customers' budget.
  • The semi-automatic version is designed to be easily upgradeable to the full automatic version. That allow customers to fully save their long-term investment.