Compact Series


First rank mechanical components and electronic equipment from the best suppliers are integrated
to obtain
high energy efficiency with minimal power requirement.

Gearless transmission, with direct drive technology on each main shaft to guarantee precision
and minimal noise level.

Reduced foot print on the floor for installation compared to any similar size machine available.
NOTE: Overall dimensions layouts of the different models of machines are available on request.

Fixed modules positioned on the  floor with no rails allows easy and immediate access on each
one of them for fast order setup and maintenance.Standard transfer units with toothed belts.
register on printers and die cutter: > ± 0,50 mm = 1 mm tot. 
OPTIONAL Vacuum tranfers. Guaranteed register on printers and die cutter: > ± 0,25 mm = 0,5 mm tot.

Supervisor PC with data storage capacity for 10.000 orders specification and remote teleservice device installed.

Average setup times:  from 3 to 10 minutes (Depending on the different machine versions)

Processable board caliper:  from E flute 1,5 mm
FA mod. (1200 gr/mq) to double wall AA 10 mm
FB mod. (2500 gr/mq) 
to triple wall 15 mm

Maximum production speed guaranteed: up to 10.000 sheets/hour (Depending on the different machine versions)

Wheels lead-edge feeder with pull extension system. 
From 280 mm minimum length of the flute without the use of pull-straps on the printer cylinders.

Top or bottom flexo printers from 1 to 4 colors. Perfect ink change and wash-up in 2 minutes max
with only 8-12 liters of water needed.
OPTIONAL  Flexo system with laser engraved ceramic roll and negative or chambered doctor blade.
OPTIONAL  Presetting of printing plates on idle modules while the machine is working.

Slotter with unlimited slots depth at the maximum speed without adding or removing any part of the knives.
> Minimum panels: 25-185 mm or 105-105 mm
OPTIONAL  Edge side slots modules.
OPTIONAL  Multi creaser unit.To realize multiple creases in the flute direction to obtain
poligonal packaging like octabins etc…

Top or bottom Die cutter to process full die-cut sheets, printed and creased on the right side of the box.
OPTIONAL  Pre-setting of cutting dies (when the module is idle while the machine is working)
OPTIONAL  In-line Stripper Cleaner to remove trim from the die-cutted boxes

Folder gluer (standard): Minimum foldable panel 60 mm on all the models.
OPTIONAL  Stitcher/Taper modules

Counter bundler ejector: For folded-glued boxes.
OPTIONAL  Bundler strapping incorporated
OPTIONAL High pile stackerFull machine width sheet delivered flat and medium-large boxes
folded, glued, stitiched and taped.
OPTIONAL No stop for continuous run while completed stacks discharge