History & Manufacturing


Engico was founded in 1990 by the synergy between Mr Rinaldo Benzoni, as corrugated machineries specialist, and Zetacarton spa, as integrated corrugated box plant, who are still partners of the company.

Located in Lissone, 15 km north of Milan, Engico is currently employing 25 people at its 2500 sqm factory and furthermore is outsourcing with a network of long proved relationship companies for the manufacturing of mechanical parts and supplying of electronic equipments.

In 1994 the first multifunction folder-gluer was designed and produced to be combined to existing Printer Slotters, obtaining a multifunction flexo folder gluer (more than 50 modules installed) followed by the development of other machines, currently part of the company production range.

In the year 2000 the first independent Slotter module was successfully produced. Till now 30 modules have been installed in line with existing Printer Slotters as well.

In January 2001 the first complete multifunction bottom FFG 165x410, was produced by Engico and it is, nowadays, still good performing (till now 12 Printer Slotter RDC and complete FFG installed).

In August 2010 the biggest and sturdiest Printer Slotter Rotary Die Cutter, known all around the world, 2.50 x 6.50 meters, was installed and commissioned at the plant of a German customer (max triple wall sheet processed capacity 2500x6500 mm - 15 mm thickness – 2.500 g/sqm)

Dedicated in line Printer modules and Fan Fold endless carton stacker for corrugators are also part of our machinery production range.

Faithfully following the company motto "Innovators not Imitators", in 2012 we've designed and produced Aqua 250, our first inkjet printer, based on the most advanced waterbased technology and 100% dedicated to direct printing on corrugated.

Starting from early 2013, thanks to the industrial agreement with a qualified engineer, boasting a long-term experience in the rewinding equipments, Engico started the manufacturing of its own Automatic Single-Face Rewinder. 

Engico has its own technical department for design, research and development. Some international patents are protecting several devices applied on our machines. The dynamism and continuous growth of its young team (34 years old is the average), by sharing of experience with customers, allows Engico to be not a simply machines suppliers but a really proactive solution partner.



All the mechanical components we use in manufacturing come from selected third parties. Once the parts join our warehouse they're checked for sizing and quality before being sent to assembly. The iron we buy is accompanied by a certification with a detailed description of its chemical components. Also the other components that need a chemical treatment are accompanied by a Certificate. All the design, manufacturing and service departments (technical office, electrical design, building, warehouse, service) are organized in workgroups headed by a group leader who checks the efficiency and quality level. At Engico plant we operate three separate warehouses, two for mechanical components and one with electrical/electronic components. This allow us to provide and replace spare parts as quick as possible. All our machinery are equipped with a remote control system, that allow our service team to assist customers in real time.

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